The Health Squad

Team: Keta Patel, Adam Panza, Diego Bernardo

This project was part a Communication Workshop at the Institute of Design, taught by Anijo Mathew during the Fall of 2012. Students were asked to apply technological concepts such as the Human API and Quantitative Self towards the challenges faced by cancer patients’ post-treatment. The client for this project was Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, located in NYC, and our team decided to focus on teenage leukemia patients post-treatment.

In order to understand the context of teenage cancer patients, particularly leukemia, our team looked into websites, video testimonials, articles, blogs and social media to collect patient experiences and anecdotes. In addition, we spoke to experts in the fields of pediatric cancer care, social work and cancer education.

Teenage leukemia patient journey
User journey

REPORT_The New Normal-5


REPORT_The New Normal-7

System map
UISystem components

Overall, we believe there is an opportunity to improve the experience of teenage patients during extended post-treament cancer care, for example while returning to normal activities such as school and work. Currently, there are few support avenues for this community, especially in regards to achieving personal independence, connecting to social circles, and fostering healthy and responsible attitudes and behaviors. We believe that by allowing patients to share moods with a structured community within a safe and planned environment can help them to develop and foster relationships and make informed decisions based on their emotional status, which includes seeking professional help when needed.

During the project we didn’t get the chance to prototype the system with real patients, given patient information protection and other constraints. This would be a natural next step for testing the value and feasibility of the solution.

Here is the full project report:

The New Normal_Report

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