During the Spring of 2012, me and my 3 teammates (Alison, Douglas and Jared) were involved in a project for the Networked Objects class instructed by Laura Forlano at the IIT Institute of Design. The project was a partnership with the non-profit organization Not Far From the Tree, located in Toronto.

The primary goal of the class was to suggest solutions involving human-computer and computer-computer interactions. We were asked to understand in which ways the organization could expand their system and at the same time improve relationships with and among participants. We reached out to local organizations and interviewed participants who are involved in urban agriculture and community gardening.

Based on the intent of the class and after extensive secondary and primary research the team came up with a set of design principles, recommendations and one concept exploration called the Urban Jar.

We developed 3 design principles to lead ideation.
1.Build a community around the tree
2.Create a sense of ownership for the pickers
3.Empower owners


Here is the project report:

Urban Jar_Report